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Protect your Personal Reputation & Private Information From Any Attacker.

This service is invoiced in 2 phases. The initial payment of $1250 serves as a retainer, covering the assessment of your issue, gathering necessary information, and liaising with the platforms involved. Once we estimate the overall cost, the remaining $1250 for our full service will be due. The total cost is $2500*.

Our Personal Cyber Security service caters to individuals seeking to safeguard their personal information, reputation, brand, and privacy. This service is specifically designed for high-net-worth individuals, corporate executives, celebrities, politicians, public figures, and anyone requiring comprehensive protection against security compromises.

Regrettably, cyber threats affect everyone, and for high-profile individuals, the risks are significantly elevated. You might currently be a target of active and persistent attackers. These could include competitors, ex-partners, fans, stalkers, private investigators, cybercriminals, hacking groups, nation-states, foreign governments, hacktivists, journalists, paparazzi, law enforcement, opportunists, and various others.

Cyber attacks manifest in diverse forms, ranging from stealing personal information and phishing emails to identity theft, phone hacking, malware, viruses, social media hijacking, unauthorized access to your bank details, financial theft, cyber stalking, and obtaining private pictures, among other threats. The spectrum of potential attacks is extensive and diverse.

Our protection strategy begins with a thorough analysis tailored to your individual requirements, assessing the risks and vulnerabilities within your digital landscape. This comprehensive evaluation covers all facets of your digital footprint, encompassing mobile devices, tablets, laptops, social media accounts, banking activities, Internet usage, email correspondence, SMS communication, photos, documents, home, business, and any other areas identified as requiring safeguarding.

Following the assessment, we offer straightforward and effective solutions designed to thwart any attempts at compromising your digital footprint. These measures are crafted to deter even highly skilled and well-resourced adversaries.

Continuing beyond initial implementation, we actively maintain and monitor your security measures to ensure ongoing protection against potential threats. This proactive approach is integral to sustaining a robust and resilient defense against evolving risks in the digital landscape.


  • Comprehensive defense against all forms of cyber attacks
  • Around-the-clock accessibility to a dedicated security expert (for the duration of the assessment)
  • Straightforward, efficient, and user-friendly solutions
  • Hassle-free security management (let us handle it)
  • Encompasses all aspects of your digital presence
  • Guidance and training provided as required
  • Absolute confidentiality with a non-disclosure agreement

*Should the service necessitate more extensive work than initially anticipated, we will provide you with a revised quote before proceeding further. Your satisfaction and security are our top priorities.

How does it work

After purchasing the service, one of our experts will contact you to schedule the consultation. Once you accept, you will be given a secure link to connect with them.

What's included

Our expert technicians will conduct a thorough analysis of your situation to provide the service effectively. Should the service necessitate more extensive work than initially anticipated, we will provide you with a revised quote before proceeding further. Your satisfaction and security are our top priorities.


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