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DigitalCare Premium

From: $1,249.99 for 1 year

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Who is it for

Individuals, Executives, Small Businesses Owners, Employees

Cyber Insurance

Up to $50K, US Residents Only

Risk Assessment

The "Risk Assessment and Security Score" feature in DigitalCare evaluates your digital environment to identify vulnerabilities and potential security risks. It assesses various aspects of your online presence, such as your device settings, online behavior, and system configurations

Live Consultation

The "Live Consultations with a cybersecurity expert" feature in DigitalCare provides users with real-time access to a knowledgeable cybersecurity professional.

AI + Live Agent Answers

The "Live Agent + AI Answers" feature in DigitalCare combines the best of both worlds by offering users a dynamic support system. This feature provides access to live cybersecurity experts who can address complex or unique security concerns in real-time, while also offering AI-powered answers for more common and routine inquiries.

Issues Remediation

We specialize in expertly remediating cybersecurity issues, ensuring your digital assets are safeguarded against evolving threats: Malware infections, phishing attacks, network security weaknesses, weak authentication, outdated software.

Network Monitoring

2 full scans a year of your home network

Identity Theft Coverage

Up to $1M for expenses involved in restoring your identity (individual), Up to $2M for expenses involved in restoring your identity (family)

Choose your plan

Individual, Family (2 adults + 4 children)


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